Saturday, July 14, 2012

Top 20 draws near, who will survive in MasterChef Indonesia season 2 ?

Programs that have become hits in the world, now entering the second season, Masterchef Indonesia.
Transformation from amateur cook to be a Masterchef. They must prepare to face tremendous pressures.
Creativity is required to cope with any challenge, and able to bring a special dish.

From the 18 thousand participants only 60 persons selected were invited to Jakarta with a different background of job. They keep the talent and potential, but only 30 persons who can wear apron of Masterchef Indonesia. But there is only one that will become a Masterchef Indonesia.
Chef Juna, "For me, cooking is more than just a passion, cooking is hard work. All processes must be done properly, without compromise".

Chef Marinka, "Cooking is an art, a very high imagination and creativity are also needed to attract everyone to eat".

Chef Degan , "I hope anyone who would be selected as the winner will make the chef's profession as a qualified and professional."
Day by day the competition will be tighter, don't miss MCI season 2. Stay watch this show every Saturday and Sunday at 17:30 pm, only on RCTI OK :)