Sunday, June 5, 2011

Juna ( Juri Master Chef Indonesia )

Premises are well-built physique, tattooed, admired by many women in Indonesia. His attitude is a bit arrogant, is considered cool by some of them, but also many who consider him arrogant.

When we ask about his tatoo,,
Juna Rorimpandey:" I had my back started when I was 15 in Bali; it was a homemade machine with a single sewing needle. It was really primitive.This one [on my right shin] is three chefs, a French executive chef, an American burger flipper and a Japanese sushi master, so it kind of resembles me, all the three combined."


His words harsh enough to comment, Juna is an executive Jackrabbit,  famous
restaurant in Jakarta, the experience in the USA make him eligible to become jurors in the Master chef Indonesia,, watch master chef Indonesia, every Saturday and Sunday at 16.30


Juna Chef with many fans in Indonesia, and the most sought after is, whether the Master Chef Juna already has a girlfriend or not ????, which circulate in the people, chef Juna is boyfriend of Aline Aditya.