Monday, June 27, 2011


The popularity of Indonesia's no wonder the master chefs create events that appear only twice a week is much awaited by millions of viewers in Indonesia.

Events are packed well, not only contains the gastronomy of the Contestant, but also a good attitude, as well as a funny incident in facing the challenges of master chefs Juna, Marinka, and Vindex.

Yes, the success of this event was no doubt, because this event had been held in various countries before, the USA, UK, India and Australia.

This event makes a lot of people cook fever, they want to be able to make good food.
Previously they were quite familiar with the terms contained in cooking, such as cross contamination, now at last they knew, that in discipline of cooking and are also often required attention to food hygiene.

This event a lot of inspiring people, how an office boy (Sarwan) is able to survive after beat 12 other contestant, Agus is a teacher, away from Banjarmasin to Surabaya went to audition to make his parents pround. Fero from Toli-Toli, who want to build restaurant after competition. and many other unique story of other contestants.

Hmm, It may subsequently RCTI will make the event a junior masterchef Indonesia, ages 8-12,

so i will pick up my sister to join it,, 
when RCTI held this show,, like other country ( AUSTRALIA) ??
i dont know? just stay wait it !!!

Keep watch master chef Indonesia, Saturday and Sunday, 16:30 pm, on RCTI okay:)